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ndonesia is the 14th ranking largest land-measured country in the world. It is one of the reasons why the country’s service sector compensates for its gross domestic product by 43%. Only 12% approximate credit goes to the agricultural sector. And, the remaining 38% remains industrial. With that being said, Oil & Gas industries in Indonesia are widely exporting to other countries and having their trade balance gap decrease by a countable percentage per year. According to the Indonesia Import Export Data, the country’s average trade balance has remained not more than 750 million Dollars from 1960-2021. In 2019, the trade balance recorded a deficit of approximately 3 billion. Whereas, as of today, Indonesia’s trade balance is only $2 billion. Henceforth, the scope of starting an import export business in Indonesia seems like an all-time high. 

Here are some Indonesia Custom Data Statistics that you must acknowledge before you invest in Indonesian Import Export Business. The following facts will help you determine significant insights and decide which Indonesia trade partner is perfect to trade with, depending on the type of commodity/service you are focused on. For more statistics, go to 

Let’s get started: 

What does Indonesia Import Export at average? 

Cybex Exim Solution gives an access to a solid and verified Indonesia Import Export Data which reveals the following being Indonesia top 10 exporting commodities: 

What is the main export of Indonesia? 

  • Fats produced from Animals and Vegetables including Oils and Waxes (worth $20.7 billion. Total coverage: 12.7%)
  • Iron, Steel and other material (worth: $10.8 billion, total coverage: 6.6%)
  • Electrical Equipments for machinery and finished machinery products (worth: 9.2 billion USD, total coverage: 5.7%)
  • Gems, Pearls, other precious metals such as gold and diamond (worth: 8.2 billion USD, total coverage: 5%)
  • Vehicles (Daihatsu, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota) (worth: $6.6 billion, total coverage: 4%, Growth of industry: 15% in 2021).
  • Rubber and rubber-based micro accessories/articles (worth: $5.6 billion, total coverage: 3.4%)
  • Computer, SmartPhone, and intellectual machinery (worth: 5.2 billion USD, total coverage: 3.2%)
  • Footwear (total growth in 2021: 8.9%, worth: 4.8 billion USD, total coverage: 3% approximately)
  • Paper and paper-based stationery articles like Notebooks (worth: $4.2 billion, total coverage: 2.6%)

Now that we know what Indonesia’s top exports are? Let’s take a glimpse at top imports: 

What are the major imports of Indonesia? 

According to Indonesia Import Data with, its top 10 imports cover 70% of total imports. You will be surprised to acknowledge that Indonesian Exporters import machinery, iron & steel, vehicles, and electronic equipment at large to re-export them to other countries at high rates. A part of repeated export also goes to the Indonesian native consumers out of high demand for such products. 

  • Computer, SmartPhone, and intellectual machinery (worth: 21.8 billion USD, total coverage: 15.4%)
  • Electrical Equipments for machinery and finished machinery products (worth: 19.1 billion USD, total coverage: 13.5%)
  • Oil and other Mineral Fuel (worth: 15.8 billion Dollars, total coverage: 11.1%).
  • Plastic and plastic-based micro accessories/articles (worth: $7.2 billion, total coverage: 5.1%)
  • Iron, Steel and other material (worth: $6.9 billion, total coverage: 4.8%)
  • Organic chemicals (worth: $5 billion, total coverage: 3.5%)
  • Vehicles (Toyota at large) (worth: $4.4 billion, total coverage: 3.1%)
  • Breakfast and dietary cereals (worth: $3 billion, total coverage: 2%)
  • Chemical goods (worth: $3 billion, total coverage: 2.1%)
  • Food waste, industrial waste, and animal fodder (worth: 2.9 billion USD, total coverage: 2.1%)

Where does Indonesia import from? 

Indonesia’s top import partner is China currently. The country depends on China for 16% of total imports. 10% Indonesian imports are covered by the USA. Japan, Singapore, and India are also highly involved in trading with Indonesia. 

China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and the USA are also the top exporting partners of Indonesia. Do you know? Indonesia’s 26% of total export goes to China. 

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Why does Colombia Export lacks in comparison to Imports?

In 2021, Colombia has been announced as one of the largest economies in the world. It ranks at the 37th position with exports equivalent to 43 million USD approximately and import to 49 million USD approximately. The country is facing a trade deficit worth 6 million USD as the round figure. Not only this but Colombia also holds a place when it comes to foreign investment. In recent years, it has counted to receive upto 150 million USD in the foreign investment category of business.’s analytics concludes that the country is growing at a speedy rate. And soon, it will uplift itself as the 36th largest economy in the world, i.e., Hong Kong and Malaysia.

So, here are some interesting facts about Colombia Export Data and Colombia’s trading conditions in the past:

  • Do you know? According to a universal report, Colombia is the most biodiversified country in the world. Meaning it is the home country to diversified people, animals, and micro-organisms. Not only this but it is the 7th ranking megadiverse country on the planet. Thus, it is one of the reasons that Colombia Export data loses out against import data. Because, the more types of people demand more types of products and services from overseas.
  • Pablo Escobar is one of the world-known people in the world from Colombia. Not long before a decade, he offered 10 million USD to help the country recuperate from debt arising from international trade data. There are rumours that the Colombian Governmental authorities accepted the deal.
  • Do you know? Colombia Export Data by disclosed that Colombia is responsible for approximately 3% of exports of Gold. There are chances that soon enough, it will be one of the largest exporters of Gold. Currently, India is at Rank One.
  • When it comes to Colombia Export Data, the scope of crude oil and petroleum export business in Colombia seems relatively high. Indeed, the country accounts for 32% total worldwide export of the mentioned product. According to Cybex’s statistics, Colombia’s crude oil and petroleum import-export market share is 2% approximately.
  • If you transpose your attention to Coal Briquette data at the international level, Colombia shows some far-fetching growth. It persists up to 17% of Colombia total Export Data. Indeed, Colombian exporters earn up to 142 million USD per year exporting coal briquette.

In conclusion, it is relatively straightforward that Colombia Export Data keenly focuses on expensive products like coal, petroleum, cruise oil, Gold, Coffee, etc. However, to out-do the import and complimentary trade deficits, Colombia will need to recuperate the gap. For in-depth Export data, subscribe to

Is Ukraine revolting against Russia during the pandemic?

Ukraine and Russia have been encountering trade tension for a long time. In 2013, Russian Governmental Authorities activated the embargo on Ukraine Goods. President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin, reasoned that Ukraine commodities have come to a halt over $500 million on the Ukraine Import data. As a consequence, causing the annual import of Industrial goods to downscale. According to Putin, it was the need of the hour due to the country’s economic sanction conditions. Before the Russian Embargo of Ukraine Goods, the country largely imported Ukraine beers, juices, vodka, confectionary items, and wallpapers at enormous volume.

In 2021, it seems like the foreign trade tension between Ukraine and Russia has not come to a positive end. After the COVID-19 pandemic where countries are eager to connect with countries that withhold vaccination. Ukraine has banned or prohibited the import of Russian Sputnik-V vaccination for COVID-19. In the meantime, Ukraine has connected with India for the import of COVIXIN, which is a competitive CoronaVirus vaccine global-wide. To begin with, it is no doubt that Ukraine is one of the most impacted poverty-stricken countries in Europe. During the COVID-19 widespread all over the world, over 1.25 million Ukrainian citizens got infected. Among which, over 24000 have been reported dead.

After facing such a high-end loss, the Ukrainian government has not stepped down where it stands against Russia. One of the primary reasons Ukraine is revolting against the Russian vaccine is that the authorities think the vaccine could be a hybrid weapon.

According to the latest Ukraine Import Data recorded by, India has exported over 20 million COVEXIN (originated from the Serum Institute of India). By the end of February 2021, Volodymyr Zelenskiy claimed to start the Ukraine vaccination process and prevent its population of 41 million people.

Apart from India, Ukraine is also connecting with China in order to import 1.2 million doses of Chinese COVID-19 vaccination. According to the internal finance report, China is offering to supply at $18/dose. Ukraine importers have neither refused nor accepted this deal yet.

India has produced two verified COVID-19 vaccines named COVAXIN and CovidShield. According to the India Export data withheld by Cybex., it is exporting COVID-19 vaccines for free to countries like Mongolia, Oman, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives, Mauritius, Myanmar, Philippines, Russia, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

While Ukraine and Russia are against each other, it seems like India will be in the mid. For more information, subscribe to

Why the UK is a Significant Importer to Global Traders

If we talk about UK Import Data, then it is obvious to know little more about this one of the famous countries with large economy procedural values. The United Kingdom (UK) is ranked at top 5 in imports where they import majorly manufacturing goods, machinery, fuels, lubes and other cereals. There are many renowned cities in the UK are known for its own rich culture and heritage monuments although they are also one of the importers across the globe. The UK generally prefers and imports from major five countries, such as Germany, China, Netherland, USA, France, etc. although it’s the best place for other nations to export their product because of its richness and capital city London. The United Kingdom is always a major participant in the world of international trading. You can find UK Import Data from reliable sources over the internet which are collected and gathered from the various trading ports of United Kingdom. With this data, you can analyze proper future trade planning to export your business product to the United Kingdom.


UK Import Data is based on whatever the products and goods are entering to UK import is mainly compiled by UK customs authorities. Import bills contain various information such as importers name, address, registration no., license no. etc. with receiver details. The data related to other export details are also available on the official online website; you can visit and search accordingly. It is mandatory to collect UK Import Data accurately as every other county manage the information so that it can help them shortly to settle down transaction also in case of any fraudulent. Companies or overseas business which is trading with the United Kingdom they all are always curious about UK customer base data which is very imperative to know consumer choices, habits, likes and dislikes. There are although many campaigns and other sources where from they get their import data of UK customs authority always deliver proper data to a global forum to explore international trading business. Import Data UK are available in many websites where from you can gather actual data according to the particular region or nation for your further business strategy. Know it from a reliable source and develop your business with future economic benefits. As of 2017 UK Import Data is showing a significant boost in machinery and electronic gadgets products.

Overview of imports of Pharmaceutical Products in India

The pharmaceutical market in India stands at the third position regarding volume and stands at the thirteenth place in terms of value. The country is the biggest provider of generic drugs throughout the globe. Indian pharmaceutical sector consists of manufacturers of bulk pharmaceutical products and drugs. The country having been one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets in the world, it has established itself as an international manufacturing and research hub. The Indian pharmaceutical industry was estimated to be worth US$ 12 billion during 2015 and is expected to grow US$100 billion by 2025.

Trade analysis of imports of pharmaceutical products

Trends in global pharmaceutical markets in terms of sale, product and their category, regions, and countries help in sightseeing and intensifying pharmaceutical import and export business. The import figures of India are very promising with respect to international pharmaceutical business. However, the contribution of India is low with overall global import business. A huge scope is there to increase the import business. That’s why it is essential to understand the Pharmaceutical companies globally to explore import business in the country.

As per the import data of Pharmaceutical products, the cumulative import in India was recorded US$ 91 billion during the period 2009-2014. On an annual basis, the total import of the pharmaceutical sector was increased from US$ 2.5 billion in 2009to US$ 15.1 billion in the year 2014. The pharmaceutical sector has two sub-sectors – Formulations, and bulk drugs and intermediary. These two subsectors showed a similar growth trend. During the last five years, the formulations subsector grew at the rate of 11.3percent on an annual basis. On the other hand, the bulk drugs and intermediary subsector witnessed an annual growth of 23.2% during the subsequent years mentioned. In FY2016, the imports of pharmaceutical products in India has been declined to 254.57 USD million in FY2016 from 795.34 USD million in FY2015, as per the import trade statistics of pharmaceutical products.

Significance of Pharmaceutical import data

The import data of any particular product is an essential tool in global trading. With the help of pharmaceutical import data, you can understand the market share, percentage of growth, demand for the pharmaceutical products, and import statistics of Pharmaceutical products in India. Also, the import data of pharmaceutical products is used in multiple types of analysis like import price, quantity, market scenario, price trends, duty optimisation and much more.

Summary: By scanning the import data of India in any sector, the traders are capable of making different innovative business trends and strategies. The same hold for Pharmaceutical import data. By proper analysing the import data of pharmaceutical products, you can build a thriving pharmaceuticals business that facilitates trade all over the globe.

Download Exporters Importers Data Easily

An important thing that should be known here is that the Export Import Trade Data accessible on the web is not restricted to measurements alone, it has each one of those qualities, statistical data points getting to which the dealers can without much of a stretch find out about the present exchange circumstance in the country.


Find Exporters Importers Products Data Alphabetically:-

Importers Exporters
Import Product – A Export Product – A
Import Product – B Export Product – B
Import Product – C Export Product – C
Import Product – D Export Product – D
Import Product – E Export Product – E
Import Product – F Export Product – F
Import Product – G Export Product – G
Import Product – H Export Product – H
Import Product – I Export Product – I
Import Product – J Export Product – J
Import Product – K Export Product – K
Import Product – L Export Product – L
Import Product – M Export Product – M
Import Product – N Export Product – N
Import Product – O Export Product – O
Import Product – P Export Product – P
Import Product – Q Export Product – Q
Import Product – R Export Product – R
Import Product – S Export Product – S
Import Product – T Export Product – T
Import Product – U Export Product – U
Import Product – V Export Product – V
Import Product – W Export Product – W
Import Product – X Export Product – X
Import Product – Y Export Product – Y
Import Product – Z Export Product – Z

What are Different Types of Custom Duties in India?

Custom duty is a tax that’s levied on imports and is applicable on all goods imported and a few goods exported out of the country. Those duties that are levied on import of goods are the import duty while those levied on exported goods are the export duty. So many countries scattered all over the world impose custom duties on import or export of goods for boosting revenue and/or protect domestic institutions from voracious or efficient rivals from other nations.

About Custom Duty in India:

Indian custom duty is defined under the Customs Act, 1962. It allows the government to charge duty on exports and imports, restrict export and import of goods, procedures for importing/exporting and offenses, penalties etc. All matters with respect to custom duty fall under the Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC).


Types of Custom Duty:

  1. Basic Customs Duty

All those goods that are imported into India are chargeable to a duty under Customs Act, 1962. The rates of this duty, popularly called basic custom duty, are specified in the First Schedule of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 as changed from time to time under Finance Acts. The Central Government reserves the right to exempt any goods from being levied.

  1. Additional Customs Duty

To make it comparable with the goods produced in India, another duty known as Additional Customs Duty is imposed. It’s also known as Countervailing Duty. It’s levied at the same rate on which excise duty is applicable to similar products manufactured in India.

  1. Safeguard Duty

Safeguard duty is levied if the government feels that a sudden increase in exports can potentially prove detrimental to the domestic industry.

  1. Auxiliary Customs Duty

Under the Finance Act, the duty is levied at the rate of 50% on the goods imported. However, on some goods under a statutory law, the tax is lessened depending on what type of goods they are.

  1. Protective Duty

This Indian customs duty is imposed by the Custom Tariff Act 1951 to protect the interest of the Indian companies or industries.

  1. Anti Dumping Duty

The Central government is imposing duty on the goods that are dumped into India from other countries at an awfully low price. The prices of such goods may be extremely low when compared to the prices of the domestic market. To protect our local industries, another duty known as ant-dumping is imposed on such goods.

Custom duty is imposed as per the value of goods or dimensions, weight and other such criteria pertaining to the goods. In case duties are based on goods’ value, then they are known as ad valorem duties. Quantity/weight based duties are called specific duties.

Summary: Custom duties play a significant role in the taxes being imposed on goods whether imported into or exported out of the country. There are different types of custom duties in India that you should know about. Custom duties are levied as per the value or dimension of goods.

How To Start A Business With Import Export Data

The Import Export trade data keeps the organizations overhauled about the products and services imported or exported out by their opponents and at what costs. The merchants can prepare of time so as to surpass their rivals. This information helps the organizations to discover new clients for their business and knowing their needs ahead of time. This information smoothens the business exchanges and helps both the purchaser and the organization to know not its customer. In frenzy times requiring a speedy choice, this information regularly helps the brokers think of an original thought prompting a prosperous business.


Export Data India is an exceptionally valuable data for business people everywhere throughout the world to discover who really are the primary exporters of India, the suppliers of Indian products and administrations everywhere throughout the world. The Export Import Data comprises of names, locations, phone numbers and different subtle elements of Indian exporters making it exceptionally advantageous to discover new Indian suppliers and the sorts of products export out. This information depends on Indian Shipping Bills and Invoices documented with Indian custom. It covers all significant Indian ports and the products exported out to or from these ports.

The importers and exporters required in the matter of Foreign Trading are very much aware of the advantages of a genuine and customized Imports Exports Data. That is the reason the majority of the effective worldwide dealers are dependably vigilant for solid and secure sources to procure authentic export import data. At first, it used to be an exceptionally bulky assignment for the dealers to profit real database from various transportation ports. Be that as it may, these days this database is promptly accessible on the web. The online business sector is overflowed with a few organizations offering their database to the dealers of the nation for their utilization. This database that contains shipment records gathered from various ports of the nation is additionally helpful for the outside dealers (the individuals who initially have a place with an alternate Nation) offering their items in India or the individuals who are purchasing from here.

For each one of the individuals who need to deliberately extend their import and export business running with an administration that has a major estimated database with data on verging on each substance is an essential. With this data in your grasp it would turn out to be simple for you to arrange out your key moves and after that execute these putting the custom export data to its genuine work. With regards to going worldwide, complete nature with the international hs code list is a must as without this it would get extreme for you to push forward.